Yes, you CAN write the book that's brewing inside you...

… even if you’re stuck, have no idea where to start, or are worried that your writing isn't good enough.

Here's how

Like, "pry your toe-nail off with a rusty razor blade" kind of hard.

It can be lonely, it's hard to tell if you're on the right track, and the blank page can be incredibly overwhelming. Not to mention, it's the perfect environment for your inner critic to have a freak out... no wonder so many people get stuck!

But there's good news:

Writing a book can be hard.

You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

Here’s a little known secret about successful authors:

They don’t keep struggling on alone, banging their head against the same brick wall, making zero progress for months on end... They get help.

Because the truth is, sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas off. To read through your chapter breakdown. To solve your Chapter Two issues. To help you see the forest for the firs.

Sometimes you ALSO need someone to take what you’ve written and make it sound good. Like, really good. Publishable good. Belongs-on-the-shelf-next-to-Eat-Pray-Love good.

I do both of these things for my one-on-one clients. The big-time bestselling ones.

they get help when they're stuck.

And I can do them for you too.

Get coaching, support, feedback and editing from a professional writer and editor who's worked behind the scenes on a range of books, including legit bestsellers from major publishers like Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Ben Bella and Audible. 


Book Coaching & Manuscript Assessment

with Jessica Larsen

Books I've worked on:

Here's how
I can help

Take your pick...

Manuscript Assessment

Are you craving feedback, guidance and direction on your writing? Hungry to know whether it flows well, whether Chapter Five is okay, and if your message is getting across?

Sign up for a Manuscript Assessment, and you'll get objective insight into what's working in your book, what's... kinda... not, and how you can strengthen it.

Option #1:

feedback & Review of your writing (one oFF)

investment: $1697 AUD


• Review of your manuscript (up to 25,000 words)
• A detailed 3-page report, highlighting what you're doing really well and what opportunities there are for improvement
• Practical suggestions to strengthen your manuscript, message, theme, writing and structure
• Insight around the marketability of your book, how well you're achieving your objective, and how to make your manuscript more attractive to agents and publishers
• Recommendations for how to move forward
• A 30-min follow-up coaching session (via phone or Zoom) where you can ask questions, get clarity, and make a plan for your next steps

Book Coaching

We meet for a 30-minute coaching session once a month for four months. Each session, we'll untangle whatever sticking points are keeping you stuck, work together to strengthen your manuscript, and address any mindset and confidence issues that are keeping you from crossing the finish line and adding 'author' to your bio.

You also get 25,000 words of work EDITED. (This is insanely good value, and the only way to get my editing skills on your work.) This could include your manuscript, your outline, your book proposal, whatever.) You can either submit your writing as we go (in four chunks, one after each of our sessions), or at the end of our time together.

You’ll also receive my famous, can't-get-it-anywhere-else strategy guide, called "So you want to be a writer", which contains my best ever writing hacks to get you over the finish line.

(After spending 9 years as a full time writer, who’s entire income relies on getting the words in my head out onto the page, I’ve had to come up with creative workarounds for writer's block, accountability hacks that keep me moving forward, and effective ways to keep myself motivated on even the blergh-est of days. You'll find them all here, in this insanely useful guide.)

You’ll also have the option of weekly word count check-ins (a powerful way to keep yourself accountable and on track with your writing goals).

4 x coaching sessions (30 mins EACH)

25,000 words editeD

strategy guide to get your book finished

weekly wordcount check-ins

investment: $4997 AUD

Option #2

"Jess is my word wizard."

"Jess is like your very own writing personal trainer who not only cheers you on throughout your entire book process (it's needed!), but helps you get clarity on your vision so you can deliver something you are truly proud of."

Not only does she totally get your voice, but she is a ball to brainstorm and collaborate with always bringing her epic ideas to the table. I have been working with Jess for years now and I couldn’t ask for a better copywriter on my team. I adore her and she is now basically part of the furniture at MA.”


got major clarity

What people are saying:

"My book got published!"

"I struggled for probably three years to get thoughts out of my head and onto paper before asking Jess for help. I had no idea what genre my writing was, who my audience were, what a topic sentence was, or if anyone would even care about my random thoughts at all.

Jess was so patient and kind, and never made me feel like I didn’t deserve to be writing a book – even though that was absolutely the truth! She met every deadline we had, and found a way to work through the editing process without having us living in each other’s pockets for hours on end. She helped with everything from advising on cover art, to advising on how I could connect dozens of independently written tales into some form of flowing narrative, to advising on what the word ‘ironic’ REALLY means.

The funniest sentence in my book (which was a very ordinary sentence before she touched it with her magic brain) came about when Jess added one simple word. I won’t tell you what the sentence is – suffice to say, I got an email from her with a note saying, “How about we write it like this kt?” – And I laughed for a month. She is a humble genius who genuinely wants to allow her writer to shine in their work.

It is not overstating the point at all to say that Jess saved my book project from a sure point of death. Use her. She will turn your writing into something you never thought it could be, and will graciously allow you to think it was all your own hard work that got you there!

PS. My book got published and I travelled around QLD and NSW for nearly 6 months on a book tour. I was not a writer before I met Jess, but I think I might be now."


had her book dream come true

"I adore everything Jess is about, everything she writes, and every moment of working with her."

"Working with Jess is incredible. Every part of the process – from start to finish – is laden with joy, excitement and… clarity. Sometimes our email exchanges make my day, and that’s before I’ve even seen the work she’s edited or polished.

The best bit? She doesn’t change the tone, feel or intention behind my words… she simply enhances them, helping to make my message smoother than Justin Timberlake’s dancing.

I adore everything she’s about, everything she writes, and every moment of working with her. I highly recommend you get in touch with this lady. She will make your day, a thousand times over. She will polish your message, until it shines. She will help you find clarity, and that’s a gift we all deserve."


loved getting her words edited





finished her ebook

"Jess doesn't change your style, she refines and adds to it. I feel blessed to have her on my side."

"I had been working on my ebook for three months. Having shared the book with a friend, she suggested that I contact Jess who had helped her edit and clean-up her own ebook. I was a little hesitant because my copy deadline was a day away!

In the end, I contacted Jess on a whim. To my surprise, Jess was not only available but kind, supportive and keen to help.

Her work is flawless, clear and easy to understand. She doesn’t change your style or mess around with your work, but adds to it and simply refines it! I can’t recommend her enough and I know she will be my go-to editor for all products I produce in the future. I feel blessed that I have Jess on my side now."

claire obeid, wellness expert

or 3 payments of $1790

Game-changing feedback and clarity on your idea, from someone who's been editing books for a decade.

How does this sound?

Fix problems, plug holes, and make your book more marketable BEFORE you approach an agent or publisher.



the results you're going to get:

Writing suggestions and edits that make you sound like the best-ever version of yourself.


Save time (so much time) by identifying issues early, having clear direction, & knowing exactly what to focus on... & what to gracefully let go of.


End the cycle of self doubt & FINALLY feel confident in your idea, your writing, & your ability to get across the finish line.


"Enough already, how do I sign up?!"

Start by hitting the button below, and filling out the application form. 

Within two business days (usually sooner), you’ll receive an email from me. If we’re a good fit, that email will include an invoice to secure your spot. (If we’re not a good fit, I’ll direct you towards someone who’s better placed to serve you and your book.)

As soon as your payment is processed, you can go ahead and schedule your coaching session or submit your manuscript.

apply now

I’m not sure if my book idea is any good. Can you help me?

Yes! You'll get objective insight into the viability of your book idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the coaching sessions held?

Coaching sessions are held every second week, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A range of times are available on both days. You can select which session time suits you best.

What’s your cancellation policy, if I need to cancel a coaching session?

24 hours notice is required to reschedule your session.

Barring an act of Zeus, sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are forfeited (though you’re welcome to still submit your text for editing).

Will you keep my ideas and manuscript confidential?

Narrative non-fiction and creative non-fiction (think: personal development, self help, health, wellness, spirituality, business, memoir, etc). No fiction.

Are you experienced with book proposals?

Yes. I’ve worked on proposals that have resulted in book deals with Penguin RandomHouse, HarperCollins, BenBella and Hay House.

Do you do ghostwriting?

Yes. If you want me to write your book for you, I take on limited ghostwriting projects each year. For all enquiries, please use the contact form.

What sort of work can I submit to you for review?

You can submit any type of text you like — book outline, proposal, manuscript, burb copy, marketing campaign… whatever you’re working on that you’d like me to review for you and provide feedback on.

Please Note: You'll need to submit your writing a minimum of TWO WEEKS before your scheduled Zoom/phone session.

Do you offer refunds?

No. During our time together, I’m all in. My brain will be churning away on your behalf, even during non-work hours. (I’m known for thinking about my clients while in the shower — in a totally non-creepy way, of course! — and coming up with brilliant ideas for them mid-shampoo. Thanks, Pantene!)

All of which is to say: When you sign up, I’m all in, and I politely request the same commitment from you.

What genres do you work with?

Yes, 100%. In fact, a non-disclosure agreement is part of our client contract.

"It is not overstating the point at all to say that Jess saved my book project from a sure point of death."

kt MARIE WALLIS got her book published and went on a 6-month book tour

"Use her. She will turn your writing into something you never thought it could be, and will graciously allow you to think it was all your own hard work that got you there!"

Is This You?

Writing a book is one of your biggest life goals

You want to get unstuck with your writing and find your creative flow

You want feedback, advice and strategy you can trust

You don't want to go through life with your most important work stuck in your head.

You want to finish your book, get it out into the world, and feel that monumental sense of fulfilment that comes from adding 'author' to your bio.

… Yet so few people actually do it.

Instead, they spend their entire lives putting off their dream for “some day” in the future when the stars will align and everything will seem effortless.

Meanwhile, they focus on the work that doesn’t light them up and then wonder why they feel unfulfilled every day; like they’re not living their purpose or using their full potential.

So many people want to write a book — 81% of us, according to the data.

is that a yes?

And one day — maybe sooner than we think — our tomorrows will run out. The only thing we can control is what we do TODAY.

So if you believe, deep in your marrow, that you’re meant to write a book and that doing so will change your life, you’re in the right place.

Because lady, that belief is not an accident.

And you weren’t put on this planet to only activate half your potential...

BUT Here’s the truth: “some day” never comes. 

It’s time to take action.

It's time to stack the odds in your favour by saying ‘yes’ to expert help.

It’s time to say TODAY.

Because truly: if not now, when?

APPLY now →

your path to "published" starts here.

“Working with Jess is a dream and so easy…
Not only does she totally get your voice, but she is a ball to brainstorm and collaborate with, always bringing her epic ideas to the table. I have been working with Jess for years now and I couldn’t ask for a better word wizard."

- melissa AMBROSINI